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Stop moping.

Go eat something. Something red and raw and dripping. Something made out of meat. Real Meat, yeah, none of that lean crap. We’re talking a nice, big slab of beef, with marbling and grizzle, and a bone to gnaw on. Yeah, and bacon.

That’ll make anything better. Don’t make me have to bite you.
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Salad. Salad. Your lunch is leaves, yeah. Cucumbers shouldn't even count as food, on general principles.


Mar. 11th, 2009 10:39 am
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There are so many kinds of food in the world.

I like lobster? In Seattle, near where it actually comes from. It's a treat food. I eat it because it is really good. Right?

I mean seriously, it comes with it's own exoskeleton. It's fun to Eat. Crunchy.

Like a giant scorpion that tastes good and doesn't have a stinger.

Almost as good as red meat.

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Alrighty, Frank, I'm coming in now.

See? I was careful. I get a treat now, right? Like a late-night steak or hamburger?


Oh well.

Goodnight Frank.

Tell Terry I can hear him breathing. I'm going to go eat something raw and bloody and I'm going to think of him with every bite. Heheheh.
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I never realized how hard it is to focus. So many sights. And sounds. And smells. And tastes...

It tastes like snow out here. I like snow. I miss snow.

Do you miss snow, Frank? Or is it just wet stuff that you need to scrap from your car before driving to work?
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Heyla Frank.

Taking over for Terry? Good...  Good...

I think I grossed him out a little.

I just... I don't get to go out and about by myself very often. I suppose I got lonely.

I hope you don't mind.

Oh, right, yeah, the hunt.

Nothing really exciting so far. Just a level 5 by sector D6 and a handful of rats. 



Mar. 10th, 2009 08:43 pm
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Yes Sir. No Sir. I'm sorry that the sound of my meal disturbed you, Sir.

I'll try not to eat so loudly.

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This is fun. I'm my own monologue! dandandan

I cross the road, keeping to the shadows. My first night out means this is no time to be spotted.

Something is moving inthe bushes. Something fast.
There it goes!


I got it! I got it! It's.. its a  rodent.... of some kind.... a rodent with fangs..... no wait.


It's a rat.

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Major, this is Demon-Cat. Testing Range of Comm link.

Alrighty, sir, I'm heading out toward sector D8 by D7, going alone on Troll patrol.


Mmhmmm... Troll.....
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Testing... One ... Two.. Three... Testing....

Alan modified by torque to enable a direct uplink. I can have a running commentary on my nightly prowls.

Maybe they'll let me out more often if I keep them up to date.
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Well I suppose it is about time I upgraded to the modern era. Certainly Uncle Jacob has been arguing that I can't keep using a sword on my enemies, and I have to say, he was right about that bullet-proof armor.

So, Alan (that tech-wizard in the third division) offered to set me up with one of these journal thingies.

I'll try to keep up. We'll see how long it lasts.

Ooh.. steak. It's whats for dinner!


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